The ROWDY Gents are a rough and tumble gang who likes to spend their nights out causing mischief.  They all grew up on the same block, and have no plans on ever leaving. Each "Gent" has a special skill set that keeps things interesting when they do find trouble.
These custom 5" figures are created out of a few different vinyl toys, and mashed together to create a whole new look.  Each figure has custom sculpting,  paint, and accessories that make them truly one of a kind.
Meet Benny, leader of #theRowdyGents. He favors a sharp blade when trouble happens... Or when carving up a turkey
This is Denny, one of the more "vocal" members of #theRowdyGents. If he's got something to say he will... if you have a problem with it, he'll smash you in the face with his chain.
Up next is Lenny... he likes to make things go boom! A perfect fit for #theRowdyGents and great entertainment at birthday parties. 
The last member of #theRowdyGents is Tommy. He always wanted to be a pro-baseball player, but found his true calling cracking skulls instead.
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