In colaboration with Pobber Toys, I created a story about 2 twin brothers that love to pretend being heroes and villians.  The MORK twins take on different personalities depending on the costumes they wear.  There's always a good and bad guy, and their storylines are as big as they're imaginations.
The images below are the already released (and mostly sold out) figures, but we're working on new variations to produce for the new year.
MORKSTA: Good (Blue) 500pcs
Dr. MORKENSTEIN: Evil (Red) 500pcs
MORKSTA: Good (White) 100pcs w/ 12x12 Print
Dr. MORKENSTEIN: Evil (Black) 100pcs w/ 12x12 Print
MORK: "Prisoner 913 & 816" 150pcs each MPH x NYCC Exclusive
Production Artwork for the different styles.
Rough Concept Sketches
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