Created in 2002 and first released in 2004, the MAD*L figures are one of the first US vinyl platform figures released in the collector market.  Each "Phase" is a series of 3 designs released in limited quantites.
MAD*L Phase:1
FLAME, DJ, BILLYMON (edition size 2000pcs each)
 Released 2004
MAD*L Phase:2
DOMIMON, CRY-ON, EL LUCHA (edition size 1000pcs each)
 Released 2005
MAD*L Phase:3
ARMYBOT, SLAM, AIDAMON (edition size 1500pcs each)
 Released 2007
MAD*L Phase:4
MAD APE, MODERN HERO, MAEMAEON (edition size 400pcs each)
 Released 2014
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