MAD*L 5" Figures

My first original platform figure in the designer toy genre. Created in 2002 and still going with new designs and collaborations.

Created in 2002 and first released in 2004, the MAD*L figures are one of the first US vinyl platform figures released in the collector market.  Each "Phase" is a series of 3 designs released in limited quantites.
MAD*L Phase:1
FLAME, DJ, BILLYMON (edition size 2000pcs each)
 Released 2004
MAD*L Phase:2
DOMIMON, CRY-ON, EL LUCHA (edition size 1000pcs each)
 Released 2005
MAD*L Phase:3
ARMYBOT, SLAM, AIDAMON (edition size 1500pcs each)
 Released 2007
MAD*L Phase:4
MAD APE, MODERN HERO, MAEMAEON (edition size 400pcs each)
 Released 2014
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