In colaboration with Jinx, Inc & Mojang, I helped design, develope, & produced this awesome 8" collectible figure.  Based off of one of Jinx's best selling T-shirts, the Creeper Anatomy is loaded with detail.  The "anatomy" side of the figure comes apart in various pieces, and easily goes back together.  Brains, bones, and even a little TNT can all assemlble easily so you can display him on your shelf.
Packaged in a deluxe box that includes a foil embossed outter sleeve, and a "call-out" insert to make sure you know all the important facts about the Creepers insides.  So even if you want to leave it in the box, it still looks great.
We worked closely with Jinx & Mojang on this figure to make sure it was the highest quality possible, so that the fans of Minecraft would be proud to have it on display in their collections.
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